Message From The Vice President

Dear Community Members, Parents And Students

Please accept my heartiest congratulations on this occasion of inaugurating the Kokan Council Foundation (KCF’s) coaching and training center head quarter in your locality.  KCF takes this opportunity to dedicate this facility to the entire community of the Kokan region. I hope that its full utilization by our students here will help us achieve the desired results.  And your cooperation particularly the parents will motivate us to do even more.
You may be aware that the main objective of KCF is the general welfare and development of the entire community.  And to make any development possible, we must acquire knowledge and that very knowledge comes only thru education.  Therefore, my dear parents and students, educating ourselves both religiously and academically is of prime importance.  Because that is the only tool that guarantees us success in this world and the next. Consequently, when one acquires knowledge, other successes follow automatically including the welfare.

Opening of the coaching classes is one such step in the thousand miles journey we have embarked on.  We aspire to open such centers in each major town of Kokan region in order to harness our talents. The main aim is to help our current as well as future generations to realize their full potential.  Infusing knowledge in them, will also make them competitive and confident individuals to face the numerous challenges of this acutely complex world besides being better citizens.  By the grace of Allah, we are immensely fortunate that we belong to a community which is spiritually far superior, morally far excellent and intellectually far outstanding!
Hence, opening of such facilities have a clear purpose and importance attached to it.  But sustaining them is even more important and that is possible only thru your cooperation and support. I therefore appeal to all of you to “Let us join hands with each other, form unity and form strength”.  With best regards and Salaam.

Vice President

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