Opening Ceremony of Khed Coaching Center

The opening ceremony of Kokan Council Foundation’s Coaching Centre; Headquarter for Ratnagiri District was held on 17th February 2013 at 10 A.M.  in the premises of S. M. English School, Khed, District: Ratnagiri.

Mr. Abdul Rahman Vanoo, who is president of Hind Foundation, was invited as a chief guest.

This auspicious ceremony was inaugurated by Mr. Javed Thakur, President of Rajapur Education Society.

The function witnessed more than 200 people which was unexpectedly a pleasant surprise and was attended by following renowned Kokani personalities:

  1. Dr. Imtiyaz Kondkari, General Secretary; Ideal Education Movement; Mumbai
  2. Dr. Siraj Chougule, PHD, Professor: Maharashtra College; Mumbai
  3. Mr. Shafee Poorkar, Editor; Kokan Ki Awaz
  4. Mrs. Shirin Dalvi, Associate Editor; Daily Sahafat
  5. Dr. Ishaque Khatib, Chairman; Gowalkot Education society
  6. Mr. Abdul Qayyum Nadkar, President; S.M. English School
  7. Mr. Hasan Wangde, Chairman; Maharashtra High School & Jr. College, Chiplun
  8. Mrs. Saeeda Naik, Principal; M.S. Naik School, Ratnagiri
  9. Mr. Iqbal Parkar, Gen. Secretary; Muslim Education Society, Dapoli
  10. Mt. Abbas Anware; Social worker
  11. Mr. Mujib Rumane; Member of Panchayat Samiti, Dapoli

KCF Representatives:

One of the highlights & evidence of KCF representative’s dedication is that few representatives have visited from GCC countries exclusively to attend & make this function successful & memorable. The following KCF representatives attended this function.

  1. Mr. Abdul Sattar Surve, Vice President; KCF ( Doha Qatar)
  2. Mr. Khalid Iqbal Dalvi, KCF Representative; (Doha Qatar )
  3. Mr. Intikhab Chougle, KCF Representative; Mumbai
  4. Mr. Abdul Rauf Khatib, KCF Representative; Ratnagiri District
  5. Mr. Mubashshir Jamadar, KCF Representative; Raighad District
  6. Mr. Hafiz Nazim Mukadam, KCF Representative; Sindhudurg District
  7. Mr. Jalal Kadiri, KCF Coordinators; Khed

The pictures of Khed Centre opening can be seen in Khed Opening Centre folder.

Also, the description of pictures to identify attendees can be found on following GMKC Face Book link.

General Information on this Coaching Centre:

This was the second coaching centre inaugurated in short period of time by KCF which is truly a big mile stone achieved by KCF.

To know more about Coaching centre’s project, feel free to contact any of the following KCF representatives:

  • Mr. Abdul Sattar Surve, Vice President; KCF ( Doha Qatar),

  • Mr. Abid Imam Khawar, GCC Coordinator; Ratnagiri District,

  • Mr. Aslam Abdul Hamid Pansare, GCC Coordinators; Raigad District,

  • Yunus A. Gafoor Thakur, GCC Coordinators; Sindhudurg District.

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