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Kokan United

Kokan United began its ambitious journey in 2009 with the aim of social togetherness and community welfare. The organization that was started by a few is today the mission of many and hence Kokan United lends both a helping hand as well as a brotherly support to all Kokanis living in Kuwait and other parts of the world. The objective is to create a platform that develops socio-economic products that are funded by the people for the Kokan Community.

The objectives of the Association shall be as follows:

  • To bring the KC in Kuwait under the umbrella of KU.
  • Institute transparency in operations and install/conduct democratic functioning of the association.
  • Initiate and implement effective programmes for economic, social, health, and educational development of KC residing in Kuwait in general and members of this organization in particular.
  • Develop, create & continuously update the database of Kokanis residing in Kuwait.
  • Create a website and offer classified services like jobs, matrimonial, Sale-Purchase of Products etc.
  • Create network with KC in India, GCC and other regions with similar objectives.
  • Initiate & undertake events to implement the objectives.
  • Organize social get-togethers, artistic and literary activities, competitive and recreational sports, seminars, awareness programmes, educational and health counseling etc.
  • Provide advisory services/financial assistance to needy Kokanis in Kuwait in particular and Kokanis in India, in general.
  • Represent the KC with the Embassy of India in Kuwait and undertake to resolve KC’s issues/concern with the appropriate government agencies.
  • Develop & administer Ladies Wing, Student’s Wing, and Professional’s Wings for channelizing their energies for constructive developmental activities.
  • Implement community welfare based initiatives for the rural people of Kokan region to improve their standard of living.
  • Effectively manage the funds of the Association and report audit statement annually.

Kokan United, a non-profit organization’s vision is to be a strategic leadership organization of NRIs, resident in Kuwait, from Kokan region in Maharashtra State, India

Kokan United’s mission is to bring together and support the Kokani Community by providing quality welfare services and undertaking initiatives in the Social, Economic, Health & Educational fields.

Kokan United shall:

  • Initiate and execute projects beneficial to the members and the KC through professionally managed experts and extend the expertise to other KC with similar objectives.
  • Promote peace and harmony amongst all the communities and to keep the KC abreast with the national stream.

Kokan United staged their first “Kokan Family Day” at Salmiya Municipal Group, where hundreds of families got together to celebrate a relationship of brotherhood and friendship. This success gave birth to more inspired ideas of having much larger events that showcases more concepts of social togetherness and the job of Indians living in Kuwait. Following this successful event, Kokan United has conducted many such events over the time thereby bringing majority of Kokanis in Kuwait closer to each other.

President Iqbal Vanoo
Vice President Mushtaq Dalvi
Munir Thakur
Faisal Kazi
General Secretary Mohsin Rakhangi
Joint Secretary Atif Banderkar
Treasurer Munaf Thakur
Joint Treasurer Sharaf Mukadam
Administrator Jalil Kazi

Anis Ali Mukadam (Committee Head)

  • Abdul Rahim Jalgaonkar
  • Ayub Ali Dhokle
  • Sharaf Mukadam

Aijaz Charfare (Committee Head)

  • Anis Ali Mukadam
  • Imtiyaz Modak
  • Sharaf Mukadam
  • Zubair Khateeb
  • Shabbir Charfare
  • Tawfiq Mukadam


  • Ayub Dhokle (Committee Head)
  • Munir Thakur


  • Mohsin Rakhangi (Committee Head)
  • Munir Thakur
  • Atif Banderkar
  • Asif Raut
  • Ayub Dhokle


  • Atif Banderkar (Committee Head)
  • Faisal Mukadam
  • Rizwan Rawoot
  • Farid Takey

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