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Welcome to the Kokan Community Group.This group is especially formed for the kokni muslim community to interact with each other and be informed of jobs available, education opportunities and any special notification for the betterment of community. This group can also be used as a platform to unite community people and participate in social welfare activities.In order to become a member of this group, one is required to provide following data:
1) Full Name
2) Native Place
3) Present location
4) Profession
5) Contact number (Optional)
6) AgeThe CV’s of jobseekers can also be uploaded to the RESUME folder in the FILES area of this group (for that one need to be a member of this group with yahoo id). Please ensure that CV consists e-mail address, contact telephone number and photograpth of the candidate.

Also visit following sites which are the major break-through to bring our community together:
1) http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/globalMKC/
2) www.kokancouncil.org
3) www.kokanworld.com
4) www.ikokani.com
5) www.kokaniz.com

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