Kokan Committees

Kokan Committees,
@ Saudi Arabia :
KCM – Kokan Committee Madinah doing very well to bring all kokanees at one place, offering kokanees to come and stay at Madinah, do the business, also they have provided a KOKAN HOUSE for free stay at Madina for kokanees, lot of kokanees around the world already benefited, also they did Iftar for whole Ramadan 1433, they arranged Eid Milan for kokanees where lot of kokanees attended from Saudi as well as from Gulf and India recently on 2nd day of Shawwal, KCM members are very small in count but doing very big achiements, is a Barakat of oneness and unity among them.
In Kokan they provided full fees for higher studies and one CA student to take education who is the 1st in entrance excam this year in Ratnagiri dist, + some others also, also medical help provided @ kokan, they arranged ijtimaee fitra and distributed at Kokan.
Now for this year 1433 Kokani Hajees who will come via Haj Committee India, KCM will be p

roviding them free food.KCEP – Kokan Committees eastern provience, Jubail, Dammam and Al Khobar, doing excellent job for poor kokani students, widows in India.

KCR – Kokan committee Riyadh, adopting lot of students to help them fully for their education needs.

KCJ – Kokan committee Jeddah, newly formed since last two years on the way again for one point agenda education in light of Quran wa Sunnah

KCT – Kokan Committee Tabuk, very new formed committee again one point agenda education.

KC Rabigh – doing very well with few members again one point agenda education.

@ Qatar :
HAKQ – Halqa-e-ahbab e Qatar kokan, recently build a very big library @ Shiriwardhan and doing a lot in Islamic affairs such as Madaaris, Aalim additional salary, etc.

@ Kuwait :
Kokan United Kuwait and Kokan Welfare Society and others

ON GCC level :
KC – Kokan Council is on their way to care whole kokan for their education, medical, students hostel issues.

On KOKAN level :
lot of organisations are serving kokan in line with education, social, welfare, etc…

ON internet :
lot of kokani already published their sites

We do not have KOKAN JIMKHANA or our own Club @ Mmubai.
We do not have KOKANI RADIO or CHANNEL in our own language.
Our fathers were shetkaree mazdoor now we are grown up, let us come forward with IKHLASE NEEYAT for the betterment of our community.

just summary is not full all others are requested to add more summarized info.

Abid bhai is doing great job at FB, GMKC we all salute him and encourage him and wish him all the best with the Grace of Allah The Most High.
An appeal to join the hands at KC – Kokan Council, www.kokancouncil.org

@ any mistake for Deen wa Dunya…
“Kal kaa suraj baad mey ugegaa, Islah ham aaj, abhi, issi waqt karengey”

Jazakallah Khairan.
Mojibullah Omar Duste.

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