KCMadeena Kokan Community Madeena

An unbeaten UNITY of brotherhood and ISLAM spreads from the City of Muhammed Rasool Allah (sallallaho alaihe wa sallam), let us ask Allah for same unity amongst us, and work towards the same goal of unity with IKHLAS and practicing authentic SUNNAH.
Kokan Communitty Al Madina Al Munawarrah is a body to look after Kokan’s children education.
Help or obtain admission of Kokani students in Jamia Al Islamia Al Madeena Al Munawarra.
Free or Help Housing for Kokani Visitors in Madeena.
Free or Help sight seeings for Kokani in Madeena.
Any Islamic question to be asked to the renowned scholars of Islam in Madeena.
Profile portal to keep important documents copy such as Passport, Iqama, Driving license, etc. to get it on required time from a secured pwd protect web portal, and expiry alerts.
All the Kokani are welcome to join above aims and make success of DEEN wa DUNYA.Committee Board Members• President — Mr. Irshad Mukadam
• Vice President — Mr. Nizam Chougle
• General Secretary — Mr. Sajid Saibole
• Joint Secretary — Mr. Ishtiyaq Mulla
• Head Coordinator — Mr. Abdulsalam Chougle
• Treasurer —- Mr. Ashraf Gudekar
• Advisor — Dr. Jameel Parkar, Mohammed Ibrahim Ali, Faiz Parkar
• Senior Member — Mr. Arif Chougle, Mojibullah Duste

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