Apli Website

10th December 2011, KC Website Designed

Our Website is made is CMS (content management system) named word press. We have selected and purchased the  portal theme for our website:

  1. The website has basic web pages and information about Kokan Council.
  2. The website has event management system for Nikaah, Chapan, Jalsaa, etc…
  3. The website has module of job listing for our kokanees brothers including (Employers & Employees).
  4. The website has modules of business directory.
  5. The website has kids corner and women’s corner.
  6. The website has option to provide info district wise.
  7. The website has Announcement and Organizations corner where any kokani organization can put there activity details and use it for their own (non religious) promotions.
  8. The website has given corner for sub-committees and other social organizations to publish their Social events.
Visit our website to explore more and more features of the website

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