1st Kokani Hajj Group Arrived in Madina year 1432

Bissmillah Al Rahman Al Raheem
Assalamualaikum wa rahimatullahe wa barakaatahu, wa baad;
Dear Kokani brothers and sisters,

It is our pleasure to announce her at GMKC that, the 1st Kokani Hajj Group arrived in Madeena, group name [Makkah Group] owner Zameer Qadri, from Mahsla.

We GMKC members welcome them from here, and Kokan Council had already welcomed them physically at Madeena Al Munawarrah by Duste Mojibullah.

May Allah accept their journey and make them Hajj Mabroor.

The important people are among these group are Maulana Abdulsalam the chairman of Shriwardhan Madrasaa, brother Ashfaq Khamkar, who is running two-three masaajids in Kokan and building a new masjid at Mahsla.

I personally met a lot Kokani Hajis, and also found after 30 years my freinds in them who came from Morba, Mahsla and several place of Kokan, it was really feeling moments to meet them.

We Kokani brothers at Madeena and Kokan Council have already given them service for Madeena tour and provided free bus for this purpose by Maulan Sufyan Qazi.

Yesterday evening we had Bayan conducted by Duste Mojibullah with the group leader collaboration at their hotel, and the participants were more than 100 Kokani brothers and sisters plus some other Indians who were from Asian Hajj group.

The Bayan was given by Maulana Sufyan Abdulaziz Qazi who is Alim wa Fazil from India, and graduated at Madeena University and doing further Master in Islamic study AQEEDA at Islamic University Madina, also another speaker was Dr Muqeed from Madina University, The next bayan will be on sat.

Tomorrow Duste Mojibullah will take all the Kokani on tour to Wadi Al Baida, and King Fahad Quran Printing Press.

We Kokani at Madina have offered all kind of help to our kokani hajees.

Please find the recorded bayan at

May Allah accept our small part of service to those who are Guest of Allah, ameen.

Jazakallah Khairan,
Mujeebullah Omar Duste
President Kokan Council
966 504424856

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